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Customise Your Own Film Package Using The Calculator To Suit Your Desires & Budget!

We like to be upfront and honest with you by providing all of our pricing before you enquire. We do not adjust our prices based on which venue you’ve chosen, where you live or how much your budget is – our pricing is standardised for everyone.

The pricing structure below applies to typical civil, Christian & Catholic ceremonies – for other religious traditions with more than one ceremony on your wedding day, please enquire via the contact form.

Every Customisable Package Includes As Standard:

●  Cinematic Feature film (40+ minutes duration) with coverage of:

The Ceremony

Afternoon Celebrations

The Speeches

Pre-evening Celebrations

Cake Cut & First Dance/s


●  Choice of feature film style: ‘short-form’ or ‘long-form’

●  4K and HD resolution filming with multiple filming cameras

●  Two output choices from Blu-ray, usb stick & online hosting

●  The ceremony and speeches are edited and supplied in full

●  Blu-ray discs and the online hosting platform are personalised

●  Includes 50 miles travel within pricing

Optional Upgrades (select boxes below):

*If both ‘bride prep’ and ‘groom prep’ are chosen, please note the second videographer is compulsory.

(Download JPEG of package guide here)

USB videos are in MP4 format for the best chance of playback on all computers, TV’s and other video playback devices.

To check availability for your wedding date and request what you’d like filmed, please get in touch via the contact enquiry form at the bottom of this page.

What's The Difference Between Our Feature, Highlights & Teaser films?

Feature Films

Our feature films start from 40 minutes in duration. They can be in the style of ‘long form’ or ‘short form’, it’s your choice. The ‘long form’ version is made up of creative montage sequences with the full ceremony and speeches in-between. This gives a ranged pace and enjoyment of watching. They tend to be between 1-2 hours in duration depending on the duration of the ceremony and speeches. Our ‘short form’ film is 40+ mins in duration. These are also made up of montage sequences to music, but the ceremony is highlighted to the key parts and highlights of the speeches are spread out throughout the entire film – this provides a narrative story of your wedding day. When the short-form film is chosen, separate videos of the full ceremony and speeches are also provided with this so nothing is missed. To see examples our short-form and long-films please click here


Highlights Trailers

If you decide you’d like to include a highlight trailer as part of your custom package, these are around 4-6 minutes in duration and you can see examples of these here. These summarise all the key events from your wedding day set to a music track (often including speeches) and are delivered at the same time as the feature films. They are great for sharing online with your friends and family too.


Teaser Trailers

If you’d like a teaser of your wedding film before its been finished, you may be interested in our 60 second teaser’s. These are highlighted ‘teaser’ trailers of your wedding day set to a music track (usually without any speech included). These are completed in less than half the project turnaround time so you’ll get it sooner than your main film/s. This is great for us uploading to Facebook and Instagram so that you can also share with all your friends and family.

Photography Recommendation

If you haven’t confirmed your wedding photographer yet, Shepperson Wedding Films are pleased to recommend the talented, friendly and highly regarded ‘Neal Laver Photography’. Please check out his website to find out more info on style, packages and to see examples of his work –


We have worked together on weddings for many years now and this has enabled us to fine tune our working styles to get the best from working alongside each other, as well as having a good laugh on the day!

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