Main Wedding Film Examples


We offer two different types of ‘main film’ (which are the same cost) so you can choose which you’d prefer – either a ‘short-form film’ which is an approx. 40 minutes highlights of the wedding day with the full ceremony, full speeches and first dance sequences supplied as separate videos, or, you can choose a ‘long-form film’ which is a chronological edit of your wedding day including the different sections of the day (edited as montage sequences to music) as well as the full ceremony, full speeches and first dance. The video examples below will show you the difference of the two types of main film as well as what to expect with the different montage sequences on offer (e.g. bride prep, venue & arrivals etc.) Please select the ‘cog’ and select 1080p for maximum quality – you can also maximise and watch the videos full screen by clicking on the ‘expand’ symbol.

Short-form Film Examples

Long-form Film Examples

Film ‘Sequence’ Examples

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