Over the years we have been asked many questions about our services, how we work and what to expect. We thought it was a good idea to share some of these commonly asked questions and answers with you here.

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How Do You Work?

 Upon deciding you are interested in a booking and subject to where you live I would be delighted to meet you and your partner in person or via a zoom video call to talk about what we do, how we do it and to find out a bit about you both. After the booking and a couple of months before your wedding day, we will email over a set of standardised questions to best prepare us for filming the wedding day and editing your film/s together. On the wedding day and subject to which package you chose we will aim to discreetly film and capture as much of the day’s events and details as we feel necessary to create a well-covered and entertaining edit. Ultimately we strive to capture everything naturally as it happens – as though we were invisible.

What will the duration of my cinematic film be?

The main film can be long form (usually between 1-2 hours in duration subject to the length of the speeches and ceremony) or short form (approx. 40-60 minutes highlights) with full ceremony and full speeches edits supplied as seperate videos . Our main films are made up of a series of montage sequence (shots with sound and music) such as  bride prep, groom prep, shots of the venue & guests arriving, after ceremony celebrations and the evening party. If you choose the highlights trailer these can be 3-6 minutes in duration and will be included on your chosen output options of a USB stick, online hosting, or Blu-Ray disc.

How long will you be with us on the day?

We do not work to time limitations on the wedding day – this simply depends on which film package options you choose – please see the ‘pricing’ section to see the options on how much coverage you’d like inline with your budget and desires. We do not have any specific time restrictions for when filming starts or ends, nor will we charge you anymore if things overrun on the day. We simply film as much as we need to provide you with great films.

What's included in the packages?

Again this depends on which film package you choose as it is customisable depending on your budget and desires – please see the ‘Pricing’ section to see the options.  The base package will provide you with a main film covering all the main events of a wedding day (you can choose a long form or short form main film)  and can upgrade the package to include additional coverage of the wedding day, or a highlights or teaser trailer if you wish. If you would like something other than one the options shown I can quote for a completely customised package for your interest. Please let me know what you’d like via the enquiry form below.

How long does it take before I get the finished wedding films?

As a general comparison and subject to how busy we are at any one time it can take around 10 or 12 weeks after your wedding day to complete and supply your films to you. On average it takes about 100 hours for two of us to creatively craft a top package wedding film & highlights video from the planning stage through to the finished media – We do not rush through any part of production. We simply strive to produce the best films we can for our clients – attention is in the detail!

Do I have to let the venue/s know I have a videographer?

Yes, it is your responsibility to inform the venue, registrar or vicar (or other religious clergy) that you will have a videographer filming the wedding day events at the earliest opportunity. This prevents any difficulties arising later on, especially where permissions and liabilities are concerned. If you could then inform us of any restrictions for the wedding day we will be able to plan around them accordingly.

Can you work alongside a photographer?

Yes, this is no problem and something we have done at nearly every wedding to date. It is important that we and photographers work together as a team and considerately of each other trying to work – this in turn will provide the best results for you our client! A photographer can actually enhance sections of the films such as with couple shots throughout the day, during which time I will work alongside them to get some great shots myself

My venue requires suppliers to have insurance, do you have this?
Yes we have public & product, equipment & employer liability insurance policies in place.
Do you require food on our wedding day?
It is not a necessity for you to provide us with food on the day, if it is possible and within your budget to organise this, it would of course be greatly appreciated. All that we ask is that you please let us know either way, this way we can bring our own food and ensure we are well fed and bursting with energy to best film your day.
Can I order extra copies of my DVD, Blu-Ray or USB sticks?
Yes you can, DVD copies are at a cost of £15 each, Blu-Ray disc’s are £20 each and usb sticks are £35 each (+ postage)
How do I pay and do you require a deposit payment?

You can pay using cash, cheque, bank transfer or even credit & debit cards via stripe (please note that credit & debit card payments prices include a 1.5% fee to use this facility). Payments for the package can be made in three instalments to spread out the cost over time – an initial 20% non-refundable deposit is paid at time of booking, 40% of the total cost is then due by four months before the wedding day and then the remaining 40% is due four weeks before the wedding day. 

How is the film presented?

All packages (unless completely customised) will provide you with a combination of two of the following: 1 x Blu-ray disc, 1x USB stick or online hosting. Each of the BluRay discs and online hosting will have been professionally authored to have fully selectable menus with chapters, highlights trailer, personalised images and include music from your own wedding day.

What's the situation with music?

You can have as much input to the music used in your main film as you’d like. We tend to use a combination of music selected by our clients, and those from your wedding day, along with others we feel work well (upbeat and not cheesy) for the sequences (sometimes without lyrics) which we think you may also enjoy. We usually steer towards modern pop music and steer away from what we would deem cliché wedding music. We also ensure that your production has the relevant music licenses organised in accordance with current law

How do you record sound on the day of speeches, ceremony etc?

For recording any speech during the ceremony and wedding toast we put a series of lapel mic’s with recording units onto the Speakers throughout the day – where else to get the best sound than up close to each speaker. This provides us a clean crisp and coherent sound recording so you won’t need to strain to hear any voices when watching your films, and you’ll feel like your back there on your wedding day listening to readings during vows, speeches or your partner saying their marriage vows to you.

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